• Green Energy

      Help to protect our planet’s future with us!

      We believe that fossil fuels are becoming less and less popular and are giving off harmful emissions to our environment. Never the less, electricity and power are two things that our society can no longer do without. If you care about the environment, our company is right behind you, leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible is something we care deeply about at AJ Electrical.  

      Solar power is the greenest energy of all, However we hope to supply an energy efficient service to every kind of home or business.

      Should I invest in Solar?

      Every unit of electricity you generate will earn you money, Save money on your electricity bills in years to come, Generate your own clean electricity while reducing your carbon footprint.

      Our Environmental Policy

      AJ Electrical strictly adheres to our external consultant approved Environmental Policy to address and comply with environmental issues and legislation, which includes the management and safe disposal of waste.

      We only employ companies registered with the Environment Agency for the transportation of controlled waste including safe disposal of batteries, luminaries, lamps and other hazardous waste.